A Michigan man's stolen Corvette is found after 33 years

By Amanda Stewart,

A Michigan man got the call of a lifetime saying that his 1979 Corvette that was stolen 33 years ago had been found.

George Talley, 71, said when he received the call he was astounded, according to Fox Sports. The car was found nearly 1,000 miles away from where he lived in Hattiesburg, Miss.

When the car went missing 33 years ago, Talley thought it was gone for good, according to Detroit Free Press.

Though the car now has 47,000 miles on it, it is still in great running condition.

The car was stolen in July 1981 when the vehicle was only two years old. An investigation about a phony VIN number led the police back to Talley on last Friday.

The story unfolded on the WJR’s Paul W. Smith Show early Wednesday morning.

When the retiree found out that the car had been found, he had no idea how he would get it back home, but he has found help to get the Corvette back to the right place: his driveway.

General Motors Executive Vice President, Mark Ruess, heard about Talley’s situation and offered to have the car shipped back to Michigan. Ruess oversees GM’s Millford Proving Grounds, where Talley once worked.

This is the second time this year GM has had high-profile Corvette public relations. GM also worked to restore Corvettes that were destroyed in a sinkhole accident in Kentucky.



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