Mike Myers to be put on a Canadian postage stamp

By Krista Frost,

Canadian comedian and former Saturday Night Live star Mike Myers will be featured on his native country's 85 cent postage stamp this summer.

According to ET Canada the stars face will appear on the stamp alongside some of his most famous characters: Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World, Austin Powers and Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

Myers told reporters, “I can’t believe it…It’s unbelievably flattering. I just wanna thank whoever in the Canadian government decided to put this idiot on a stamp.” Myers said he was not thrilled by his mother’s reaction. When he told her she asked if it was legal tender and if he knew anyone else who was on a stamp. Myers replied, “Yeah, one other person, her Majesty the Queen!”

According to RTE.ie, Myers will appear on the stamp as his three most famed characters, Wayne from Wayne's World, Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, and also Austin Powers.

The Indy Channel reports that Myers will not be the only Canadian comedian to be honored with a stamp. A series of stamps with unannounced comedians will begin to premiere this August/ September.

Photo via Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFPhoto.com



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