Minneapolis couple create stop-motion teddy bear video for their new baby

By Elizabeth Learned,

When it comes to pregnancy announcement videos, all couples are creative, and some even use time-lapse video to commemorate the expecting couple as they await their bundle of joy. One couple made a stop-motion video with a twist of its own, by using a teddy bear as the feature star as he waited for the new baby’s arrival.

The St Paul Pioneer Press reported that Chris and Aimee Knutson made the video for their baby, which they titled "Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend." Since the video was posted to YouTube last week, it has gotten over 37,000 views.

Knutson told the Pioneer Press he got the idea one day when he bought a teddy bear and opened the package, saying, “When it arrived and I opened it up, I immediately thought of the idea of doing a stop-motion video with it.”

We never see the couple’s faces, just the teddy bear’s as he goes into the bathroom and finds the pregnancy test. He is very excited at the idea of a new playmate and over a period of time, the bear watches as the crib is built and he sees a sonogram image of the baby.

Of course, the parents had to wait for the baby, a boy named Henry, to be born to finish it. The couple had to wait until the right moment in order to get the shot they wanted, which turned out to be with Henry donning what could be a smile. They decided not to show their faces, just to focus on the teddy bear and the baby because, “It’s about their world, not ours.”

People reported that the less than 2-minute clip took upwards of about 60 to 80 hours to complete, not including the wait time.



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