Miss America 2014 wants you to adopt a pet and embrace diversity

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Nina Davuluri was crowned the first Indian-American Miss America in 2014. Among her first moves with the new title is joining the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for a new campaign.

Davuluri is the first Miss America to be Indian-American, and has decided that this incredible victory and honor needs to be more than just a sash and tiara. She has chosen to team up with PETA to promote adoption, specifically adoption of mutts.

PETA notes that “celebrating diversity” was her winning platform, and this is a great way for her to express care for the things she loves, such as her dog Hanuman, 13, “half retriever, half question mark” as she says of her pet.

Davuluri created a YouTube video with PETA for an exclusive behind the scenes interview about why adoption from your local animal shelter is the next thing that should be on your list.

Check out the video below and take her advice to not only save a life, but also make a friend.

Image Credit via ACE/INFphoto.com



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