Missing Michigan boy found alive in father’s basement

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities said that a missing Michigan boy has been found alive in his father’s basement.

According to CNN, the 11-day search for 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell came to an end after authorities said he was found in the basement of his father’s Detroit home.

Making the case even more unusual is that the father learned about the discovery of his son while live on air with HLN's Nancy Grace. He appeared to be shocked when the TV show host told him about the report, breathing hard and at one point even holding his heart.

Grace pressed the man about whether or not he knew his child was in the basement, he said he did not.

"I checked my basement," Bothuell’s father said. "The FBI checked my basement. The police checked my basement. My wife checked my basement. I've been down there several times. We've all been checking."

The youngster went missing from his home back on June 14.

WXYZ reported that after Bothuell was found, police administered a polygraph to his father and sources said he failed the test. The boy’s stepmother declined to take one.

Law enforcement officials said they are reviewing all aspects of the case and not ruling anything out.



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