Model Hannah Fraser dances in shark infested waters, delivers a powerful message (video)

By Erica M. Szkola ,

Model and activist, Hannah Fraser, dove into shark infested waters off the coast of the Bahamas to dance on the ocean floor alongside tiger sharks to protest the shark cull of Australia and the global slaughter of sharks.

Image courtesy of INFevents.com

According to GrindTV, the area that the dance was filmed is a known area for the hunt of tiger sharks. Although they may be used to seeing people in scuba suits around this area, the sharks were not accustomed to seeing a woman with long hair and no protective gear moving around the ocean floor.

“There was no room for error, as one mistake could have resulted in serious injury or worse. Despite the risks, the team was resolute in their mission to create the most groundbreaking imagery to oppose not only the Australia shark cull, but also the global slaughter of sharks,” said Emmy Award winning cinematographer, Shawn Heinrichs, of the shoot.

Fraser is seen in the powerful video with no protective gear and no scuba suit, flippers, or air tanks. Her blonde locks are covered with a long black wig, and her body was painted blue with stripes, avoiding anything bright that could confuse the sharks to thinking she was a fish.

The model had to be in constant motion so that she didn’t confuse the sharks, the Daily Mail reports. She can be seen touching the fins and tickling the nose of the 16 ft. predators, that cinematographer Heinrichs says love affection if done properly, in the behind the scenes video.

The footage is featured in the documentary film, Tears of a Mermaid.

See full video here:



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