'Murder in the First' recap: 'The City of Sisterly Love'

By Marie Blake,

This episode of Murder in the First opens with the autopsy of Cindy Strauss and the funeral of Terry’s wife, who died from cancer. Cindy’s death is ruled a homicide, only to be increased to a double homicide after the coroner finds that Cindy was pregnant.

Terry and Hildy gather the facts to try and solve the murders of Cindy and Kevin, and how they connect to Erich.

The drug addict, Walton, who was arrested for the murder of Erich’s biological father, Kevin Nyers, is visited in jail by a lawyer. Walton is offered a plea deal of getting rid of the murder charge and giving him voluntary manslaughter, a service of 6 years, if he confesses to the shooting. In trial, Walton accepts the plea of voluntary manslaughter.

Terry and Hildy find out that Cindy was formerly married to a Mark Strauss. He has a criminal record, including a domestic violence charge filed by Cindy. Mark also has an apparent drug problem, and is taken in by Terry and Hildy.

Terry plays bad cop and interrogates Mark for Cindy’s death. Mark seems like a likely suspect given that he and Cindy had an intense argument on the day she was murdered, as reported by neighbors who heard the confrontation.

Mark explains that Cindy called him, seemingly distraught from losing her job. He admits that there was yelling, and that they hit each other.

Hildy gets Mark’s DNA after he drank from the water bottle she provided him.

Hildy later goes on a date which turned out to be unsuccessful, and Terry gets a sexual invitation from his wife’s sister who is still distraught from her death, but turns her down.

The nest day, Terry and Hildy visit the pilot, who explains to them the last encounter between Erich and Cindy. The pilot is sick and Terry takes his DNA from used tissues.

Erich and his lawyer, David, meet with Warren Daniels, a lawyer looking to work with Erich on the Cindy case. Erich turns him down, fearing that working with Daniels would make him look guilty, and walks out.

Erich is later being interrogated by Terry and Hildy. They speak about Cindy and their fight on the plane. David, tells Erich not to answer any more questions. He refuses his help, claiming he has nothing to hide, and David leaves the room.

Erich claims he apologized for throwing his shirt at her. He tells them that he was out viewing a prototype of a new product when he called her to apologize.

Terry leaves the room and Hildy talks to Erich about sex with Cindy, possibly aiming to make him attracted to her.

Erich threatens Hildy, claiming he will take down the department if they charge him for murder, and will do his best to make them look foolish.

They find that Cindy had a male’s DNA in her mouth, meaning that it is most likely from the killer due to the time frame that it would take for the DNA to remain there. They are now on a hunt to get Erich’s DNA to see if it matches.

Hildy gets called on another date. We find out later that it’s with Erich. At the end of the date, Hildy kisses Erich, only to get his DNA on the gum she was chewing.

Next week we find out the big “Whose DNA was it?” question. We will possibly find out who the father is of Cindy’s unborn child, and we also apparently see that Hildy is being framed from something, which will require a lawyer.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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