'Murder in the First' recap: 'Who's Your Daddy?'

By Marie Blake,

We see Erich with a woman, doing drugs and about to have sex, with Erich showing a bit of force.

Hildy and Terry are at the office, frustrated for the lack of attention their case is given. They go to a lab criminologist, Gibbs, to find out If Erich's DNA is found anywhere. They find that Cindy's baby was in fact Erich's child.

Erich changed his mind about hiring Warren Daniels as a lawyer. Warren brings up some rules for Erich to follow:

1. To not tell Warren whether or not he killed Cindy.
2. He must not speak to anyone about this case but Warren, and no one speaks on Erich's behalf but Warren.
3. Never ever lie to Warren, if you do I'm out.

Erich accepts the rules.

Detective David Hertzberg interviews a woman named Hannah. She tells him that she thinks Erich killed Cindy. She explains that she used to work with Erich, and as things were going well, Erich drugged her, raped her and almost killed her. She couldn't file a complaint due to a fear of embarrassment. She blames herself for Cindy's death.

Hannah tells David about signing an nondisclosure agreement (NDA) as an agreement with Erich, but David tells her that he cannot protect her for disclosing the information and going against her NDA. She gets angry, telling him she thought she could trust him as a friend, then walks out.

David is out looking for an apartment with a realtor, but cannot decide on anything.

When Hildy is walking in to work, D-Hop, one of the kids who provided information about Walton, the man who claims to have murdered Kevin Nyers, approached her about a problem at home. His mother is a victim of domestic abuse, but he doesn't want to report it because he doesn't want her to end up alone and him in foster care. Hildy gives D-Hop her number and tells him to call whenever he needs her.

Hildy, Terry and detectives David and Molk talk about the case and the possibility of Erich being involved, but they cannot find concrete evidence. Lieutenant Jim Koto enters and tells them that they need to try harder because he does not want Erich to get away if he did in fact kill her.

Terry and Hildy spoke to one of the pilots, Stan Shaw, about the confrontation between Erich and Cindy. He tells them that Cindy wasn't only sleeping with Erich, but also with Bill Wilkerson, the other pilot.

Terry and Hildy go to Bill. He admits that he did have a fling with Cindy, but was never going to leave his wife. They tell Bill that he is a suspect now.

Hannah goes to the station to apologize to David. David asks Hannah out on a date with their kids, she accepts.

Terry and Hildy go to the coroner to ask about Cindy's autopsy. He tells them that his personal opinion ties her death to 8:30 p.m. Hildy tells him that Cindy sent a text to Bill at 9 p.m., but the coroner tells them that would be impossible.

Hildy speaks to Detective Kami Keefer about the texting scenario. Kami tells her that there are apps that can delay the time it is sent, and that anyone with a strong technological background can wipe the app and its contents completely clean.

Terry's friend Carlson, a cop, drops by the office with information on Erich Blunt. Terry interrogates Milan Gunn about breaking his probation. Milan tells Terry that Erich likes the drug Crystal Molly. He tells him that he met him at a martial arts class, and revels that Erich is a black belt.

Hildy goes to the supermarket where D-Hop's mother works. She gives his mom her card, and reveals that she was also a victim of domestic abuse. D-Hop's mother just shoos her away, wanting nothing to do with it.

Terry is looking at another apartment. It's a home on a boat, and the view of the ocean draws Terry in immediately and takes the place. He gets asked out on a date by his Realtor, but she knows what he's gone through, and agrees to take things slow.

Hildy is out on another matchmaking date. She gets a call from D-Hop about his mom getting hit. She leaves and ruses to help. When she gets there D-Hop's father approaches Hildy with a knife and she shoots him. Lieutenant Koto shows up and tells her that he has to place her on administrative leave for 10 days.

At home,Hildy is getting her daughter, Louise, ready for school. Terry brings breakfast, and sees that Hildy is shaken up. He reassures her that she will be okay.

Gibbs and Lieutenant Koto talk to Gibbs, and she tells them that Erich was with Cindy the day she was killed. His DNA was in her mouth.

Terry and Koto go to talk to District Attorney Sonia Perez. She tells them that Erich hired Warren Daniels. Terry explains that all the evidence points towards Blunt. They also believe that Erich may have sent the text. Sonia tells them good work and sends them on their way to gather a case, but not before kissing Lieutenant Koto, revealing a romantic relationship between them.

Hildy is home folding clothes. Her ex husband comes to pick up Louise.

Erich is at his martial arts club. Terry and fellow cops go to arrest Erich for the murder of Cindy. Erich's lawyer, Warren, speaks to the press and calls the arrest a cheap ploy. Meanwhile Erich is processed and booked.

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