Murder suspects take selfies and film themselves next to corpse

By Michelle Kapusta,

Two U.K. murder suspects allegedly killed a man, then took selfies in his apartment and videotaped themselves in the same room with the corpse.

According to The Mirror, Kirsty Edmondson and Christopher Sawyers allegedly posed for pictures next to the dead body of Kenneth Chapman and videotaped themselves having sex near his corpse.

The pair is accused of giving Chapman enough heroin to kill him after he allegedly agreed to shoot up with him.

The Manchester Evening News noted that at their trial, it was alleged that the duo took over his apartment and filmed themselves having sex in his bed. They also allegedly used his debit card and conned his sister out of money.

Sawyers reportedly bragged to friends about photos of Chapman’s dead corpse, but he and Edmondson have denied murdering him.

The alleged murder took place on Dec. 28 and authorities said they are connected to another alleged murder of the same nature that happened 17 months earlier.



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