NASA study states that extroverts might not be meant for Mars

By Mila Whiteley,

While extroverts are normally recognized from their ability to be social and take initiative, a recent study funded by NASA states that those same characteristics could make a trip to Mars a negative experience for both them and their crew mates.

According to the study, extroverts do not fare well in long isolated journeys, such as the potential journey to Mars. The social nature and assertiveness that make them good leaders on Earth can make them seem loud and intrusive as they seek out new opportunities for interaction and activity in a small space of a spacecraft as reported by The Financial Express.

DePaul University Psychologist Suzanne Bell, who was the lead researcher of the study summed up the potential issues for extroverts at a psychology conference.“Their level of warmth may be undesirable in a confined setting," she said according to The Sydney Morning Herald ."You're talking about a very tiny vehicle, where people are in very isolated, very confined spaces. Extroverts have a little bit of a tough time in that situation."



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