Nazi supporter runs onto field during Ghana-Germany game

By Melissa Barclay,

A man rushed by security and ran onto the field during the Ghana-Germany game.

Once on the field, the man took off his shirt to reveal a pro-Nazi message, Yahoo Sports reported.

He was ushered off field by Ghana’s Sulley Muntari. Security made no attempt to remove the man. This was not the only surprise of the game, however.

There were German fans donned in black face and wearing shirts that read ‘Ghana.’

Racism has been a problem for FIFA, who vowed to curb it at this year’s World Cup, as well as in future games.

A black player was taunted and called “little monkey” by two Argentine fans, reported CBS News.

Racist comments are not only said by fans, but sometimes by players as well.

In 2011, Manchester United’s player Patrice Evra said that Liverpool’s player Luis Suarez taunted him using racial slurs during their match.

“It’s shocking how much racism exists—public racism—especially in European soccer,” said sports journalist Grant Wahl.

FIFA seems like it has much work to do in its anti-racism campaign.



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