NBC allegedly refused to air ‘Obvious Child’ ad with the word 'abortion'

By Alina Tichacek,

NBC is accused of refusing to air ads for the movie Obvious Child because the ads included the word “abortion.”

The film centers around a comedian who gets pregnant during a one-night stand and elects to have an abortion. Reportedly, three commercial spots were submitted to NBC for consideration in early May. The network allegedly refused to air the ads unless the word “abortion” was removed, reported TheWrap.

NBC refuted the claims, stating, “No final spots were submitted to NBC broadcast standards for on-air consideration, and NBC Broadcast Advertising Sales was never contacted about a media buy on NBC for related to this movie. Moreover, initial feedback from our broadcast standards group did not include any suggestion to remove a specific word.”

But this isn’t the first time NBC has vetoed use of the word “abortion,” according to Bustle.In an abortion-themed episode of season four of NBC’s Parenthood, the word “abortion” is never mentioned. Considering the episode took place in the lobby of a Planned Parenthood center, it’s doubtful that’s a coincidence.

Despite refusal of the three ads, Obvious Child has done well for an indie film, already earning more than $602,000 according to Box Office Mojo.

A clean ad is currently running on NBC.



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