New bullet-resistant blanket could offer children safety in schools

By Erica M. Szkola ,

In the wake of the mass amount of school shootings and natural disasters, an Oklahoma inventor has released a product that could potentially protect children in schools: a bullet and tornado-resistant safety blanket.

According to NBC Bay Area, the bodyguard blankets are made of 5/16-inch thick ballistic fabric and have backpack-like straps attached so that students and faculty can wear them and duck to protect themselves during natural disasters and tragic events such as school shootings.

Podiatrist Steve Walker of Oakland Foot & Ankle Associates was inspired to create a product to protect students after the tragedy of the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. After sharing his ideas with Stan Schone, the two teamed up with Oklahoma State University Professor Jay Hanan to create the bodyguard blanket, which turned into a 10-month long process.

The blanket, which looks similar to a kindergarten sleep mat, has undergone 3A armor testing, which is used to test bullet-proof vests. According to the makers, the blanket can resist bullets of 90 percent of the types of guns used in past school shootings.

Image via Facebook from Yahoo News

The blankets are pricey at about $1,000, reports the Washington Post. However, they are much less costly than bullet-proof vests that average to about $3,500.

“It’s sad that we have to face this but we see it almost weekly,” inventor Stan Schone said, according to the Washington Post. “That’s all we can do is give them a better chance to survive.”



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