New Hampshire residents prepare for arrival of destructive emerald ash borer

By Mila Whiteley,

Invasive species are a problem all over world, from feral pigs to snakehead fish, wreaking havoc on carefully balanced ecosystems. Currently, in New Hampshire, citizens are preparing to go up against one such intruder: the emerald ash borer.

“Emerald ash borer originated in south east Asia, and was introduced to the US in the greater Detroit, MI metro area sometime in the mid 1990’s,” New Hampshire entomologist Piera Siegert told the Science Recorder. These beetles pose a serious threat to the ash trees in New Hampshire.

Emerald ash borer feed on ash trees, and kill them by making it impossible for them to move their nutrients and water to all parts of their structure. Trees then last maybe 3 to 5 years before dying.

This species has spread through numerous states and now threatens New Hampshire, as an infestation was found very close to its border with Massachusetts according to the Associated Press.

Should a borer be found within New Hampshire, quarantine will be placed on ash wood products and firewood to prevent further spreading.



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