New Museum in Brooklyn adds a little death to your day off

By Mila Whiteley,

A new museum known as the Morbid Anatomy museum is opening up in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn the weekend of June 27.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum originated with museum creative director Joanna Ebenstein’s collection of books that studied the human body, medical cases and the ways that different cultures deal with death according to the New York Times. Ebenstein has now expanded on the particular appeal of her focus into a building which used to be a nightclub. According to the New York Times, the building will have a café, a library, a gallery, and a classroom where lectures can be taught.

The opening exhibit, which is called “The Art of Mourning,” will include features such as a brooch crafted from human teeth and a Madonna that is enclosed in a shadow box, and surrounded by the hair of a dead loved on as reported by the Associated Press.

While novelties such as the ones above are sure to draw visitors looking for a thrill, through this museum Ebenstein also hopes to inspire a genuine interest in others who may have not taken time to consider death and other morbid realities before.

Ebenstein stated to the New York Times, “I want people to walk in and say: ‘Wow, this is really interesting. Why don’t we know about that? And what does it say about us today that we don’t know about it?’ ”



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