New York Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano explains his mid-season struggles at the plate

By Ricky Yandoli,

MLB player and New York Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano has not had a season up to his standards so far. The former seven-time all-star, four-time silver slugger winner, and MLB slugger who has hit over 400 home runs in his career does not remember struggling this much in a season. After hitting 34 home-runs with the Yankees last season, he only has six home-runs this season and has a batting average of just .233.

Explaining his struggles to the media is even worse for him to describe. He understands that the Yankees are struggling right now and he is not helping their cause at all. He wants to do so well and as a result is putting more pressure on himself to get the team going.

“(I feel) more pressure because the team is struggling bad. It’s not good to think that way. It makes it worse. But you cannot control your mind. Sometimes your mind controls your body, but you cannot control your mind. Sometimes I have to calm down and just be more relaxed in that situation,” said Soriano, reported by New York Daily News.

Since Soriano is in the last year of his contract, he has been working extremely hard to get out of his hitting slump. Soriano is hopeful that working hard with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long will pay off. This added effort he hopes will steer things in the right direction sooner rather than later, confirmed by New Jersey News.



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