Nicolas Winding Refn announces 'I Walk with the Dead' as his next film

By Will Ashton,

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has been keeping mum about formally announcing his next project since his latest, Only God Forgives, was released last year. Although the director has been flirting with various projects over the years, he has yet to announce which one will officially be his next, until now.

Refn broke his silence and revealed that I Walk with the Dead, his brewing horror film, will officially be his next film.

The Playlist were among the first to notice that Refn decided to pull out his rarely-used Twitter account to write, "The silence has been broken my next film will be I WALK WITH THE DEAD shooting in LA."

This movie should not be confused with The Bringing, the haunted house horror film that Refn signed on to direct last month with Sony. At this point, it is unclear exactly what process that movie is in, and how this will affect the making of that film, if at all.

Not much is known about I Walk with the Dead, other than it has a script by Polly Stenham, and that it will be an "all-female horror film." As Refn has made a couple films that have been considered misogynistic, this project, as far as the filmmaker goes, hopes to change people's perceptions on his work.

As the tweet suggests, the movie will be shooting in Los Angeles, but it is unclear when it will. At one point, the movie was considering shooting in Tokyo, but it is not likely that that is going to be happening, in any manner, at this point. Additionally, his Drive star Carey Mulligan has been attached to this project for some time, but it is not certain if she is still scheduled to be in the movie.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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