North Korea's Foreign Ministry spokesperson calls Seth Rogen & James Franco's 'The Interview' an 'act of war'

By Gina DiFalco,

North Korea is not happy with Seth Rogen and James Franco’s comedy The Interview, with the plot centering on a planned assassination of their leader, Kim Jong Un.

In a statement on Wednesday, a spokesperson for North Korea's Foreign Ministry said the U.S. government will face "merciless" consequences if their government doesn’t take steps to stop the movie from being released.

Furthermore, the spokesman said the release of the film would be considered an "act of war that we will never tolerate,” The Associated Press reports.

The film features Rogen and Franco landing an interview with Kim Jong Un and then get hired by the CIA to assassinate him. Over the weekend, another North Korea spokesperson also slammed the film, but said Kim might still see it.

Today's statement also said the "reckless U.S. provocative insanity" is triggering "a gust of hatred and rage" amongst North Korean citizens. It never mentions the film’s name directly, but it’s clear what he’s referring to.

The Interview hits theaters in October. Check out the trailer below:

image via Scott Kirkland/INFphoto.com



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