Ohio man fatally shoots 2-year-old son during domestic dispute with child’s mother

By Amanda Holtzer,

23-year-old Derrice Alexander fatally shot his son, 2-year-old Derrice Alexander Jr., during a dispute with the child’s mother in their Lakeview Terrace apartment in Cleveland. The boy was standing on a landing when his father fired a shot through a window and struck him in the head.

The incident occurred around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. CBS News reports that the father and mother got into an argument in their apartment. The man turned to walk away, and fired a single shot. He then threw the gun into a nearby garbage can and fled the scene in a car.

The bullet was fired through a window on the first floor of the mother’s apartment. The couple’s son was standing on a landing on the other side of the window. It struck him in the neck area. He was rushed to Lutheran Hospital, and was pronounced dead.

Alexander also has a history of violence. In 2010, he was sentenced to two years in prison after firing a gun into a crowd and trying to run someone over. He was arrested in April of 2013 for breaking into a pregnant woman’s apartment.

The Plain Dealer reports that Police Chief Calvin Williams said in a press conference Tuesday, “This was a senseless act by a person who should not have been possessing a weapon.”

Alexander has not been formally charged with Derrice Alexander Jr.’s death. He is currently in custody and is reportedly cooperating with investigators.



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