One dead, others injured in shooting at Seattle Pacific University before student tackles gunman

By Michelle Kapusta,

A shooting at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday afternoon left one person dead and at least two injured before the gunman was taken down by a student.

The Seattle Times reported that terror unfolded when suspect, Aaron Ybarra, opened fire and shot students at the college campus before a building monitor and student, Jon Meis, tackled him.

The paper reported that authorities said Meis pepper-sprayed the suspect when as he attempted to reload his weapon. Meis was then able to put Ybarra in a chokehold and take him to the ground, which allowed for other students and faculty to hold him down until police arrived.

The suspect was arrested and is being investigated for the shooting.

Earlier reports noted that one victim, a man in his 20’s, died shortly after his arrival at a local hospital. The other victims are listed in both stable and critical condition.

There’s no telling how many more people could have been hurt had it not been for Meis’ heroics.

After several hours, a lockdown at the school was lifted.



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