‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress Alysia Reiner talks character Natalie Figueroa and plans for season 3

By Rachel Karach,

Alysia Reiner is one of the lucky actresses who has managed to perfect portraying a character that we all simply love to hate. With the wild success and recent season premiere of Orange Is the New Black, it's no wonder Reiner has suddenly gotten quite a bit of attention for her work.

According to a recent interview with Wetpaint, our (least) favorite prison warden may or may not be returning for OITNB season 3. “There is no definite ever on this show. So I'm not allowed to say anything! [Laughs] I just don't know at this point, and if I am [in it], I don't know how much,” Reiner said.

When asked about funny behind-the-scenes action from season 2, Reiner said she unfortunately doesn't interact much with the other cast members. Instead, she and Caputo, the prison counselor character, are often together.

Reiner replied, “It was very fun shooting like the kitchen scene in Episode 11. I have a lot of scenes with Caputo, who's delightful. We end up laughing a lot but I can't say anything specific. I always get asked this question and I always can't think of anything, and then two days later I'm like 'Oh my god, what about that thing!' I have to start writing them down.”

Reiner also praised the show’s writers, as they have allowed her to play a complicated character. “I think that's what makes it genius writing. There is good and bad in all of us, and it's all so grey. I can't say enough: it is the biggest gift for an actor when you get to play nuance that way, when you get to play these scenes that really have so many rich layers.”

Reiner is filming four different movies set for release later this year: Life Itself, Primrose Lane, The Girl in the Book and No Letting Go. She has also created a locket with the Women’s Prison Association to raise both money and awareness for the association.

Orange Is the New Black recently picked up a few Critics’ Choice Awards. The cast is currently filming season 3.

Image courtesy of Nancy Rivera/ACE/INFphoto.com



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