Oregon high school students respond to Tuesday's shooting via Twitter

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

As horrifying as a school shooting is for family, it is twice as traumatizing for those inside who witnessed and heard the entire thing first hand. For all the students who were inside Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon early Tuesday morning, they experienced something they will never forget.

Students took to communicating with each other and the outside world through their phones and social media in the middle of a lockdown as the shooting occurred. Dozens of teens took to Twitter to send messages to keep others safe and express their shock and grief.

One student under the username DannyAllDayLong said, ”Every one shots are fired There is SWAT shooting back its by the gym everyone stay safe!” and also said, “Guys don’t be the hero.”

Another under the name ThatguyIZI wrote, “I just want to go home and hug my parents and be thankful that my family and I are okay.”

Check out the tweets below and use the hashtag RHShooting to keep up to date on the news.



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