'Orphan Black' recap: By means which have never yet been tried

By Samone Isom,
Season 2 Finale

This tenth episode and season 2 finale opens with Siobhan and Sarah frantically shouting at each other while Felix rocks in a corner, totally upset about Kira’s capture. Sarah hugs Siobhan, and then we see Sarah in prison garb announcing “My name is Sarah Manning and this is my unconditional surrender.”

Everyone is in Dyad’s clutches now, except Helena and Alison, and the storylines are interweaving beautifully for this finale.

Dyad is still aiming to continue project Leda by making more clones. Apparently, they believe that Sarah’s ability to reproduce is key. In handcuffs, she signs away some of her eggs in exchange to see Kira.

Rachel seems to be running the show, and she banishes a crying Delphine to Germany. “You have everything you wanted!” Delphine shouts. “Everything Dyad wanted,” Rachel corrects, leaving us all to wonder what she is really after. This is seconded by Duncan, who, clad in the same prison garb as Sarah, is watching a happy home video of a young Rachel and young self. Rachel joins him, stating her demands: she wants him to unlock more synthetic sequences. It is those DNA sequences that allowed the clones to live, and they are currently secret, encoded by a cipher that only exists in Duncan’s mind. “Since none of us know what you are actually for, I think it is best for your attempts to make more clones should meet with failure,” he states.

Duncan poisons himself in Rachel’s presence. His dying words are “My poor Rachel! who wrote….. “
She screams: “You can’t leave me again! Martin!”

Meanwhile, Cal shows up at Siobhan’s and Felix’s, full of help and good-will. Siobhan takes some winning over, of course, but she finally lets him help. Cal has discovered an insider within Dyad that is willing to help Kira and Sarah escape. Before they all leave, Felix gets a call that Helena showed up at Art’s, and Siobhan sends him to babysit.

They go to a warehouse to meet this insider—code-name Castor—and are joined by former monitor Paul, who has returned to the military. They meet Castor in a slick black limo, and discover it is Marion, the imposing one-time boss of Leekie.

Meanwhile, still within Dyad, Cosima feels like it is up to her to help Kira and/or Sarah escape. Delphine e-mailed her useful information. Scott is her ally in this plan.

We see Cosima with Kira, teaching her the science of mass= force x acceleration. The scene is juxtaposed with footage of Cosima and Scott making something in her lab.

We jump to Sarah, who is forcibly taken to an operation room. She is very freaked out, but Scott is there, hidden under a medical mask. “We are going to get you out of here,” he says. Then the doctor walks in and explains they are going to remove one of her ovaries for research. His thunder is stole nby Rachel, though, who enters the room with hate and disgust on her face as she glares at Sarah. Rachel gives her a picture from Kira (which features a fire extinguisher) and Sarah sees one that has been placed very close to her. Unfortunately, Rachel is convinced that Sarah has the cipher of Duncan’s. She holds the bone marrow that could save Cosima, but breaks the vials when Sarah doesn’t tell her the cipher (because she doesn’t know it). Sarah squeezes the fire extinguisher, and a pencil shoots out, impaling Rachel’s eye. I hope we will get to see an eye-patched Rachel next season!

Sarah uses the time to escape. She gets Kira, who is being prepped by Marion. As she walks out, Marion says “if you want to get to the bottom of all this, meet me tomorrow.”

Sarah, an oxygen-tube-wearing Cosima, Alison meet up at Felix’s, apparently safe. Cal is there too, albeit briefly. Sarah kisses him before he leaves. Helena joins them, meeting Cosima and Alison for the first time. Her eyes light up as Kira runs to her happily. Sarah isn’t even freaking out, as she usually does when some danger comes around Kira. Cosima puts on reggae music, and everyone begins dancing.

As everyone sleeps, Cosima and Sarah lie talking. Sarah confesses in tears, “I can’t do this without you, Cosima.”

Everyone was not sleeping. Helena leaves a huge barrel of liquid nitrogen and sneaks out, where men hood her, taze her and carry her away.

The next morning, Kira discovers a nearly dead Cosima, who has a vision of Delphine before waking to Kira. Kira unknowingly shows the cipher to Cosima in the book Duncan gave her-

Sarah has gone to meet Marion. In her huge mansion, Marion has a little eight-year-old clone named Charlotte as her daughter, which explains why she sides with clones over Dyad.

We learn that there was a project Castor accompanying project Leda. A military branch oversaw a crop of Male clones.

We see Siobhan and Paul watching as men in military uniforms escort a bound Helena into a jet.

The big reveal is that Mark, the Promethean AWOL who ran away with Gracie, is a male clone!!!



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