‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 recap and review

By Ricky Riley,

The war with Dyad is all but lost when Rachel’s latest ploy forces a broken Sarah to concede. The Clone Club springs into action, uniting in a reckless gambit to save Sarah. As they fight to gain their freedom, Sarah encounters a new ally and uncovers a terrifying new dimension to the conspiracy.

The Wrap Up

This season focused entirely on Kira. As the season progressed forward, the Proletheans became a major player. In the season finale, we learn that Project Leda never ended. There were 400 attempts to replicate the success of Cosima, Rachel, Helena, Alison, and Sarah. Out of all of those attempts only one new clone was created successfully. Her name is Charlotte. Rachel’s superior, Marion, strikes a deal with Mrs. S in order to free Kira and Sarah. Sarah visits Marion and learns almost everything. The term of the deal was to exchange the two for Helena. We also discover that Project Leda has a brother program called Project Castor that produces male clones. In the final moments, we learn that Mark and Grace ran way and got hitched. Then it is revealed that Mark is a clone.


Overall, this season was amazing but not as good and insane as the first. The real reason is that episode nine of season one and two both focused on the kidnapping of the Kira. Beat for beat it was the same thing. This tug-of-war for Kira is ridiculous and tiresome to a point. I hope that something new will happen in season three. Kira is the focus of the season and that means Sarah had the same story line throughout.

She really did not do anything compared to Alison and Helena. These two characters developed the most. Alison literally hits rock bottom by going to rehab. Then she comes out of it with the help of Donnie. In retrospect, I was not loving Alison’s story arc but after looking back on it, she was amazing this season. Helena for me had all of the action. She managed to be a protector and buddy to Art and Sarah while assimilating into the weird clone family. She manages to shake up the Prolethean farm single-handed. She was the badass of the season.

Out of all the developments this season, the introduction of Hank and his Proletheans was the most entertaining aspect. This gives the Clone Club a real formidable antagonist. The Proletheans are also hiding the fact that they have a stake in this clone saga. If Rachel is dead now, the show can move past Kira. The conspiracy is getting larger and that is good thing. Project Castor will have to be a central plot to season three. Hopefully, Helena is back in the picture as well.

Season two was not entirely better than season one. It was entertaining but it was very repetitive at times. For me, season one was my Citizen Kane .It is what attracted me to the show. Episode ten of season two is what will keep me watching the show in season three. I am hoping for a little less Kira in season three and a lot more of Mark, Grace, Marion and Project Castor. Orphan Black airs on BBC America.

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