'Ottawa Pop Expo' - Heroes of Cosplay recap

By Neil C. Rasbury,

On the last episode of Heroes of Cosplay, it appeared that none of our characters were successful in placing. However we did get to see a ton of characters such as Serena and Fennekin from Pokemon X and Mega-man from the popular video games. The episode this week focuses on Holly and Jessica. Jesse, and Rikki and Indra and a few Yaya sightings as well.

In the begging of the episode we see Riki, Indra, and Yaya preparing for a photo shoot. Yaya imparts knowledge that the key to a strong fan base is taking good photos. However Yaya does warn Rikki of the International Costume rules. In LA, Holly, Jessica, and Chloe are discussing cosplay The Dark Crystal character created by Jim Henson--Skeksis. However, Chloe and Jessica aren't able to participate in the contest but Holly is willing to help create the costume.

In preparation for the contest, Indra decides that her costume will be Ahri from League of Legends. However her biggest difficulty seems to be the fanning out the tails. Riki had originally planned to be Ashe from League as well, however, she had difficultly creating the bow, so she decided to be Elizabeth from the Persona series. Jesse decided to be The Mandarin from the Iron Man 3 movie. However, during the course of the episode Holly and Jessica are thrilled to go to Jim Henson studios and admire the craftsmanship of the original Dark Crystal characters.

During the competition, while each of our heroes were exceptional, the heroes that stood out to the Judges were Riki on her persona costume, and Indra on her Ahri costume, which leads Jesse and Jessica to work harder in the near future.

In the next episode we finally meet some new male characters. What will they have in store for us? Tune in to find out.

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