The parents of Elliot Rodger's victims speak out over police investigation

By Elizabeth Learned,

The parents of three murder victims are still trying to figure out what happened to their sons after Elliot Rodger murdered them before he began his rampage on a Santa Barbara college campus.

According to the Washington Post, police called the scene horrific, but when the parents visited the home, there were barely any signs of a struggle, with little to no blood to be found on either the ceiling or walls in the noticeably small space.

The father of George Chen spoke out in an interview with the Washington Post and asked, “How did one boy do this? Our sons, there were three if them…We wonder, were our boys drugged?”

The Sheriff’s Department for Santa Barbara County have not released much information about the attack in the apartment, which was not seen in public view like the shooting rampage Rodger began when he went on to kill several more people.

The families were also frustrated at the media’s focus on the killer instead of the victims, as well as what they feel was investigators mishandling in incidents with Rodger before the killings.

The Associated Press reported the families felt the system was broken, and were angry over how both the public health and legal systems seemed more concerned with the rights of individuals who were mentally ill over potential victims.

James Hong’s father, Henry Hong, reportedly said, “The system is clearly broken. It should have protected our sons, who were so innocent and trusting.”

A spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, Kelly Hoover, reportedly made a statement that the department wanted to make sure they had all of the facts regarding the case before they released information on how everything went down.



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