Paul Simon, wife Edie Brickell won't face disorderly conduct charges for marital spat

By Kyle Johnson,

A county clerk revealed that prosecutors plan on dropping charges against Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell after their April arrest over domestic violence accusations.

New Canaan police originally charged the couple with disorderly conduct, but the prosecutors have since decided not to move forward with the case, Reuters reports.

"The prosecution will not proceed with the charges and it will be (discontinued) sometime later today by the judge," Deputy Court Clerk Emmy Kalmanidis said. They have 13 months to change their mind, though.

The couple were picked up from their Connecticut home in late April after they got into a fight. Police showed up and both of them were arrested, though it appeared that Brickell was the aggressor.

It was said they got into an argument, about what hasn't been explained, and Brickell had been drinking and slapped her husband of more than 20 years. Simon tried to leave their home, but the "What I Am" singer refused to let him and got in between her husband and the door.

Their attorney said they then got into a shoving match, but they do not pose any further harm to each other and they have never gotten into a fight like that before.

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