Pennsylvania school aide suspended for feeding students pet treats

By Kyle Johnson,

A Pennsylvania school aide was suspended after reportedly feeding students pet treats, while possibly saying they were just cookies or crackers.

The treats were fed to about 75 students during recess on Thursday at the New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary School. WFMZ reports that no students were at risk of getting sick, unless they had certain food allergies, the school informed parents in a notice.

"She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats," fourth grader Gabriel Moore said. "And then she came around and said, 'no they are cookies. They are fine.'" He admitted to eating three.

According to a statement to Reuters, Boyerton Area School District Superintendent Richard Faidley said the school isn't sure why the part-time aide decided to give the students pet treats.

Some have actually felt the aide shouldn't be punished, with Kitty Islett noting that people are too often ready to jump on somebody for anything "and not thinking about, well, what did we do when we were kids."

Gabriel's father, David Moore, however believes that the aide needs to be "penalized pretty badly" for her actions and she has broken the students' trust in school aides.

"I do not want to take anymore food from an aide," Gabriel said.



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