Philadelphia Phillies accidentally traded top prospect in 2011

By Zach Levatino,

In 2011 the Houston Astros were heavily shopping Hunter Pence and eventually made a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies. This trade sent Pence to Philadelphia on July 29, 2011, and four different players to Houston – first baseman John Singleton, right-handed pitcher Jarred Cosart, right-handed pitching prospect Josh Zeid and outfielder Domingo Santana, who was unnamed at the time of the trade.

At the time it seemed to be a decent trade because Pence was an up and coming all-star, but Pence only stayed in Philadelphia for a year. Looking back, the Phillies gave up four solid players for nothing.

As it would turn out, the Phillies' biggest loss was 21-year-old Domingo Santana, who they claim wasn’t supposed to be on the list of players Houston had to choose from, via Yahoo. In Triple-A he is currently batting an above average .297/.374/.493. He should soon be brought up to the big leagues.

However, according to NBCSports, Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. issued a report denying the accidental trade, “There was no mistake,” Amaro said. “If someone said that, they are misinformed because it’s absolutely, unequivocally wrong. It’s false.”


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