Pippa Middleton speaks about her relationship with sister Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

By Rachel Karach,

Pippa Middleton has finally done her first television interview with Matt Lauer of The Today Show. During the brief interview, the 30-year-old British beauty spoke about having a duchess for a sister!

Not surprisingly, Pippa maintains that the two have an ordinary sisterly relationship,reports Today. Kate is known around the world for staying humble throughout her long relationship and eventual marriage to Prince William.

“Yeah, we do we have a very normal, sisterly relationship. We’re very close. And, you know, we support each other and get each other’s opinions and things,” Pippa said. Maybe William and Kate aren’t so different from the rest of us, after all.

“I mean, obviously she has pressures that she’s taken on and things. But we spend a lot of time together. We still do a lot together as a family,” Pippa said about her sister’s part in the royal family.

Pippa then went on to explain how her family has kept grounded throughout the royal craziness that has swept through their lives during the last few years.

Lots of family time has helped the Middletons continue to have a normal, healthy family life. “I think that’s really the heart for all of us is having a really close family that we can sort of be normal with each other, treat each other normally. And that’s sort of kept us all, you know, affixed to the ground.”

Pippa most recently embarked on a 3000 mile bike race for charity.

Image courtesy of Mariotto/Lazic/INFphoto.com



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