Plane enters restricted airspace, U.S. Capitol evacuated

By Kelly Moreno,

The U.S. Capitol building, along with the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court, were evacuated on June 7 after a small airplane entered the restricted airspace.

The Washington Post reported that after the aircraft entered the restricted space, air traffic controllers were unable to establish communication with its pilot for a short period of time, which prompted the evacuation to begin.

The incident took place Saturday afternoon and, according to CNN's latest report, the pilot is now in communication and the aircraft has left the restricted airspace. Visitors and staff are being allowed back in the buildings and there seem to be no lasting effects.

D.C. police spokesperson Araz Alali stated that the plane would make its landing somewhere in the Virginia area after it was diverted, following which people would be allowed back in the buildings that were evacuated.

Officer Alali also added that the reason was yet not clear as to why the plane passed into the restricted area, but the FAA would be conducting an investigation.



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