Plastic surgery a growing trend in South Korea

By Melissa Barclay,

Plastic surgery in South Korea has become so popular that nearly one in five women in the country have had an operation done.

The Daily Mail reports that 20 percent of South Korean women aged 19 to 49 have had cosmetic surgery.

Women, such as 19-year-old Christina Lim, have felt pressure to have surgery done. Lim is a translator on Korean TV, who had received negative comments about her appearance, reported ABC News. “I got lots of hate comments, like, ‘Why is she even on TV? Why is she so fat?’ and I don’t have the looks, I don’t have that idol figure, I don’t have that face,” she said.

Foreigners are also flying into South Korea to have cosmetic surgery done. The surgery is so well done, that people who are returning home after doing the surgery need certificates to prove their identity. The certificates are handed out by the hospital where the surgeries take place. The name of the hospital and the patients' passport number are all on the certificate.

Many clients visit hospitals with certain looks in minds, and some even carry photos of celebrities they wish to emulate.



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