Police: Man kept dead family in apartment for years

By Michelle Kapusta,

A man in Hong Kong was arrested after officials said that he allegedly killed his mistress and son and then kept their bodies in his apartment for more than a decade.

According to the South China Morning Post, Kan Wai-nam is believed to have strangled his mistress and their 2-year-old son and then hid their dead bodies for 14 years.

China Daily reported that the discovery of the deceased was made in the suspect’s apartment after a maid smelled a foul odor coming from a bag under the bed. She opened it to find the remains and notified the landlord who immediately called police.

Authorities said that the 53-year-old has since confessed to the double murder and admitted that he strangled his mistress and young son when they were sleeping.

The man and woman are said to have lived together in the 1990s and their son was born in 1998. He is accused of killing them both in May of 2000.


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