Pont de Arts bridge in Paris partially collapses

By Amanda Stewart,

Pont de Arts, a destination for those who travel through Paris, has partially collapsed.

When lovers visit Paris they often commemorate the occasion by adding a lock to this bridge and throwing it into the Seine river, according to Agence France-Presse. The locks only began to be seen on the bridge in 2008, but have become a craze in multiple countries since.

The footbridge, known for its “locks of love,” was evacuated Sunday evening after part of the railing collapsed. Police said that the bridge would reopen by Monday. Local police said that the bridge was evacuated immediately.

No one was hurt in the collapse of 2.4 meters of the footbridge, according to Telegraph.

The phenomenon of Pont de Arts has become a huge headache for many local officials. The bridge often poses problems of security and safety.

Two Americans living in Paris have gathered signatures on a petition to have the locks taken down. They say that they are eyesores and actually cause damage to the bridges.

In a tweet posted by Bruno Julliard, the city’s head of cultural affairs, he said that this “confirms that our desire to find an alternative to these locks is a real necessity.”

The 150 meter bridge is completely covered in locks today and they have begun to spread to other bridges. Forty locks were recently removed from the Eiffel Tower.

Anne Hildalgo, mayor of Paris, invites citizens to open a debate on the matter. She hopes that they are able to find alternatives.



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