Portland, Oregon reporter's viral reaction to John Brooks' winning goal during World Cup game is priceless (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

John Brooks isn’t the only hero in the U.S. today. Drew Carney, a reporter for KGW in Portland, Oregon, has also become a viral sensation for his priceless reaction to Brooks’ game winning goal during Team USA’s first 2014 World Cup match.

Carney was reporting from a pop-up World Cup Beer Garden and was interviewing the organizer, Alex Mackay. Suddenly, at the 86th minute of the game, Brooks scored, breaking the 1-1 tie with Ghana. The crowd in Portland was going crazy with “USA, USA, USA” chants.

At that point, Carney’s cameraman focused the camera on the reporter and suddenly, he began unzipping his jacket, revealing a Team USA soccer jersey. As Deadspin points out, the only loser in the video is Mackay, who missed the game winning goal because of the interview.

The winner, of course, is us because we get to see Carney’s reaction again and again.

Team USA beat Ghana 2-1, topping the same team that had knocked them out the previous two World Cups. The team plays in a tough group that also includes Portugal and Germany. Portugal, which lost to Germany, is up next for the U.S. on Sunday. Germany and Ghana face off Saturday.



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