'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Surfing the Aftershocks'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the Hastings family faced off with the DiLaurentis family, Hanna remembered what happened after Ali disappeared, Emily and Paige talked and Aria continued to fall apart.

Let me say this, Pretty Little Liars is much better when all of the girls spend time together. While their separate lives are interesting and full of drama, there is something about the girl group that makes the show more interesting.

At the beginning of the episode, the liars are headed toward Jessica DiLaurentis’ funeral. Alison came downstairs wearing the same dress that her mother wore to her funeral. Which is both touching and creepy. Alison’s father tells her to change immediately and it upsets the already upset girl even more.

At Rosewood High, the principal talks to the girls. He tells them that he’ll protect them from the press but they have to act like things are normal. Of course, it is an unneeded conversation because the girls always act normal at school. I assume, we haven’t had many Rosewood High scenes in a while and I can’t remember them doing anything strange- except for the fact that Aria had an ongoing relationship with her teacher and that they always seemed to skip school but that is neither here nor there.

The liars think that Jason killed Jessica. However, Spencer doesn’t believe that he did. She thinks that someone else killed her. The girls realize that there are people that know that Alison’s kidnapping story is bogus. Noel, Mona and Ezra know. The girls want Aria to go talk to him but she doesn’t want to.

Aria, of course, goes to see Ezra. He says that he’ll go along with the story because that is important. He also said that he knew Shauna was A because she was following Aria around. No one seems to remember that someone forced Shauna to leave town.

Emily has a pointless storyline this episode that is only worth one paragraph. A new girl on the swim team is Emily’s fan. She wants Emily to swim with her. I’m sure they’re setting up a new romance but this girl is boring and I don’t care. She does cause an argument between Paige and Emily.

Paige doesn’t understand that Emily dumped her. Paige says that she loves her. Paige is annoying and it is her own fault that Emily dumped her. I want Emily to have someone new. She deserves the best. Paige is not the best.

Spencer is dealing with family drama throughout the entire episode. Which, speaking of, I’m getting tired of the Hastings family drama. They are either guilty or not guilty.

Melissa tells Spencer that Alison and the DiLaurentis family is bad news. Spencer tells Jason about the email that his mother received before she died. Spencer and Jason think that Peter Hastings is the killer. Meanwhile, Peter picks Alison up on the side of the road and she isn’t seen for the rest of the episode.

During all of this, Hanna is remembering what it was like after Ali disappeared. After Ali reminds Hanna that she used to be fat, Hanna recalls her time between being overweight to being the cool kid. She remembers how Mona gave her a make over and how she became the popular girl. She approaches Mona and asks her why Mona didn't tell her that Alison was alive and why Mona did all of it for her. Of course, Mona was catty about it.

Aria finally tells Ezra that she killed Shauna and the Aria/Ezra romance has another chance.

What did you think of this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars?

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