Principal forces students to walk in heat for hours without water

By Melissa Barclay,

A principal in North Carolina ignored hot temperatures and forced students to walk in the heat without water.

According to WGHP, about a dozen students showed up in regular clothing, instead of the school uniform, thinking it would acceptable.

As punishment, the principal, Tammy Holland, forced those students to walk on a dirt track until their parents either brought them their uniform or took them home.

The students were not allowed to eat breakfast when they got to school, or have any water on the walk, reported the The Fayetteville Observer.

When the students finished walking, the temperature was well in the high 80s.

One mother arrived at the school to find her daughter drenched in sweat and approached a teacher to find out why.

The parent discovered the shocking situation.

"When I got out there, they had stopped under the tree because it was so hot. It would break your heart," she said.

Holland has not yet been charged.



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