Protests continue at Google I/O event

By Alina Tichacek,
Protest follows on the heels of Mountain View headquarters protest

Every year, Google hosts a developer conference to announce new services and products. This year, the event was interrupted twice by protesters.

The protests focused on controversy surrounding Jack Halprin, a Google lawyer, and Boston Dynamics, a company that developed robotics for the US military before being acquiring by Google, reported BBC.

One protester’s sign read “stop Jack Halprin from evicting SF teachers.” Halprin purchased a residential block in the area and has since been accused of evicting tenants.

Another protester interrupted the event by shouting “you all work for a totalitarian company that builds robots that kill people” in the middle of a keynote address.

In a separate incident on Tuesday, Google also received pressure about their stance on net neutrality. A group of “Occupy Google” protesters assembled on the grounds of Google’s Mountain View headquarters to pressure Google to more strongly support unrestricted access to the internet.

The protesters were allowed to remain on the property during daylight hours, but had been asked to leave by 9:30 p.m and return the next morning. As the protest was staged on private property, police were called to force protesters to leave the area. Ten “Occupy Google” protesters were arrested, reported NBC Bay Area.



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