Red Sox veteran David Ortiz was not pleased with the scorekeepers' ruling in the seventh inning

By Ricky Yandoli,

After being part of the Red Sox organization for over a decade, veteran superstar David Ortiz was not pleased with the scorekeepers' ruling in the seventh inning.

Ortiz feels he does not ever get a fair shake from the Boston scorekeepers. He says that he should have been given a hit. Instead the scorekeepers ruled an error. Despite his team winning 2-1 after a 10-inning battle, and Ortiz hitting a homerun in the last inning of play, he was not happy.

“People are supposed to have your back at home, and it never happens. It’s always like that. I’ve been here more than a decade and the scorekeepers here are always horrible. This is home, man,” said Ortiz, reported by the Boston Globe.

However, team manager John Farrell downplayed the situation. He said Ortiz is a competitor and sometimes frustration shows. Farrell further explained he would talk to Ortiz once he has calmed down. Farrell attributes Ortiz’s struggles to his mechanics at the plate.

"He's in a stretch where he's working on some things mechanically at the plate. Certainly there is some frustration that comes to the surface. You get a chance to talk to him once things calm down. David is a competitor as we all know, and an ultimate competitor. He's working through some things right now," said Farrell, according to ESPN.

During the month of June, Ortiz’s batting average is .190 and the last seven days he has been hitting .192. Despite a low batting average in the month of June, he has four homeruns in and 16 home runs on the season thus far. Hitting homeruns has been a positive for the longtime Boston Rex Sox slugger.

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