Robert De Niro opens up about honoring his late father in new HBO special

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Robert De Niro is not known for opening up about his personal life to the media. However, in a recent interview De Niro opened up about his father's life in a new HBO special.

De Niro will be honoring his dad during the upcoming HBO documentary Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro Sr. , which will air on June 9th. De Niro took time to reflect about what it was like growing up with his dad. "...he wasn't the kind of dad who played baseball. He liked to take me to the movies on 42nd Street: King Kong, Beauty and the Beast," said De Niro.

The film does reveal that De Niro's father was gay, but that it was not well known in the business or amongst close individuals. "He never told me," De Niro says. "He was very private about it."

Variety reported the documentary focuses on the life and work of De Niro, Sr, and is a "love poem" to De Niro's father.

People magazine detailed that De Niro Sr. passed away in 1993 and De Niro described him as being "loving and affectionate." Now that De Niro is a father of his own, he took time to reflect on what he hopes for his children and what they will get out of this documentary. "I want my children to see what their grandfather did and how he lived," he says. "It was for the family."

image credit to Walter McBride/INFphoto.com



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