Robert Pattinson talks to Jimmy Kimmel about homelessness and saliva

By Elizabeth Learned,

Robert Pattinson made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he revealed he is homeless.

ABC News reported Pattinson has previously talked about his issues with homelessness.

The Twilight star shared he had been borrowing a home and when his parents borrowed it while he was away, they soon kicked him out.

According to E! News, Pattinson said, “They kicked me out of it when I got back from [filming a movie] in Toronto. That’s the end of that. So now I’m homeless again.”

He also claimed not to know where his belongings are and they could be in storage.

In addition to the discussion about his homelessness, Pattinson also revealed he has heavy saliva, after Kimmel teased the actor over his habit of lying in interviews. He revealed if he tries to spit, he isn’t able to get it farther than a foot.

Pattinson then asked Kimmel if he ever was spit on during an erotic moment. Pattinson claimed to have experienced it himself.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com



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