Russian MI-8 helicopter crashed into Munozero Lake

By Zach Levatino,
Two injured, five dead and 11 missing from the crash

A Russian MI-8 helicopter crashed into Munozero Lake on Saturday, May 31. This lake is in a remote area on the north-western Kola Peninsula. The helicopter was carrying 18 people – 5 crew and 13 passengers.

image via Twitter from RussianHelicopters

Two of the occupants were rescued and hospitalized with broken legs, while five have been confirmed dead and the other 11 are believed missing at this time according to ABC. A spokeswoman for the regional emergencies ministries stated that divers were searching the lake and found multiple bodies but declined to comment further.

The two survivors were found floating in the water fastened to their chairs. "Fishermen found them," Mr Pushin, spokesman for the Murmansk regional administration, said. "They have concussion and are in shock."

The helicopter belonged to Apatit, a Russia-based company that extracts raw materials for the manufacture of fertilizers. The helicopter was reportedly carrying regional government officials and businessmen – they were believed to be on a fishing trip via Reuters. The deputy Murmansk governor, Aleksandr Vedernikov, was believed to be one of the passengers.

Aircraft crashes are common in Russian due to poor maintenance and out of date aircrafts.



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