Ryan Braun hit by pitch, Diamondbacks pitcher ejected

By Zach Levatino,

On Tuesday night, Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander, Evan Marshall, was ejected from the game in the top of the seventh for throwing at and hitting the Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun.

It is unclear whether the incident was payback for a fellow Diamondback getting hit earlier in the game or a message to Braun, who the Diamondbacks had an issue with over his whole performance enhancing drug scandal. Regardless, after throwing behind Braun on the previous pitch, Marshall was immediately ejected for plunking him on the hip and both the crowd at Chase Field and Marshall’s teammates were applauding, notes Yahoo Sports.

The Brewers dugout was also sarcastically applauding to thank Marshall for loading the bases. Before Braun was hit, there was a man on second and third already.

It appeared that the Brewers dugout could see into the future because right-hander Brad Ziegler, who came in to replace Marshall, let up a grand slam on the first pitch he threw, according to . This changed from a 4-3 score in the Diamondback’s favor to a 7-4 favoring the Brewers, who would go on to win 7-5.

"They won the tough-guy points, but I don't know what the stats are for those," Milwaukee starter Kyle Lohse said. "We won the game because of that."



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