Samsung highlights how football brings children together in 'I See Your Dreams'

Samsung highlights how football brings children together in 'I See Your Dreams'

With the world now focused on the game of football, the world is united once again by its love of the sport. Samsung highlighted this unique ability of the sport with a new "I See Your Dreams" initiative. Beginning with a heartwarming video, the new initiative shows how children all over the world love football through the eyes of the ball itself.

The video shows children of all ages and races from around the world playing football or watching their favorite teams score a goal. Children's footballs are with them everywhere and could tell some amazing stories. Their footballs see their joys, their parties, their jokes and, most importantly, their dreams.

"I See Your Dreams" is not just about the football, but what the football sees. It shows the viewer that a simple sport can unite everyone, especially children. We have more in common than we realize, which is made clear in the video.

The Drakensburg Boys Choir of South Africa performed the song, which was created by Samsung itself. It is uplifting and their vocals perfectly match the song and the amazing visuals. Every child around the world shares their dreams and this choir's performance makes that clear.

Please check out the amazing video below, which has earned over 2 million views. The message in it is clear - children love football - and it reminds us how beautiful the game really is. It is wonderful to see that children get the same joy out of football, no matter where they live.

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