San. Fran. woman dubbed 'Rat Girl' releases rats into public parks

By Amanda Stewart,

A woman from San Francisco, dubbed “Rat Girl” seems to have rats following her everywhere she goes.

The woman, known as Erica J., according to Tech Times, breeds rats. She is believed to be suffering from mental illness.

In April of 2011, Erica J. was discovered by Animal Control breeding hundreds of these rats in her hotel room. Those who saw the room from Animal Control said that it was a horrific sight.

The rats were burrowing in the walls and into other people’s rooms. They were going in and out of trash, the mattress; they were everywhere.

According to SF Gate, it took to the end of May to exterminate what Animal Control said was thousands of rodents.

"The rats have actually burrowed into other people's rooms," said Denise Bongiovanni, and Animal Control worker. "I was immediately concerned for the well-being of Erica. I believe that there's a serious underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed and it seems to be unresolved."

Erica has been living on the street for the three years since the fiasco in the hotel and has continued to breed rats. She has even released them into public parks where, Bongiovanni says, they appear to be burrowing.

“We understand that Erica has housing again in the city and I can only imagine that this situation is probably going to continue wherever she lives until she gets the help that she needs” said Bongiovanni.

Officials hope to get Erica the help that she needs by reaching out to the community and making people aware of her and the problem she poses to the area.



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