Scientists finally able to name the world’s most abundant mineral

By Angelica Stephens,

Scientists have given the earth’s most abundant mineral the name Bridgmanite, after finally inspecting a meteorite that is over 4 billion years old and closely analyzing the specimen for five years.

According to NBC News, the mineral was officially named on June 2 after Percy Bridgman, a physicist who won the Nobel Psychics prize in 1946. Prior to its discovery, it was named silicate- pervoskite, after its chemical properties and structure.

Researchers have found that Brigmanite can withstand high-pressures and high-temperatures, making it an essential part of the earth’s lower mantle.

According to seismic data, the earth’s lower mantle is all solid, which is why scientists believe that Brigmanite is the most abundant mineral around. Scientists never thought they would see the mineral since it resides deep into the earth. The discovery of the mineral is groundbreaking because it proves that the mineral does indeed exist, Nature World News noted.

Chi Ma from the California Institute of Technology is one of the researches who had been working closely with the mineral for the past five years to learn more about its properties and establish a name for it. She is really excited that the mineral has been uncovered and looks forward to learning more about it and the earth itself.

“It is a really cool discovery. Our finding of natural Bridgmanite not only provides new information on shock conditions and impact processes on small bodies in the solar system, but the tiny Bridgmanite found in a meteorite could also help investigations of phase transformation mechanisms in the deep Earth,” she said, according to Nature World News.



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