Scientists have found a way to regenerate teeth

By Amanda Stewart,
Goodbye, Root Canals!

Root canals may be a thing of the past now that scientists have found a way to regenerate teeth using lasers.

This study was published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine.

According to Reuters, the concept behind the regeneration technique may provide enormous promise in the future of dentistry.

Those who conducted the first regeneration used a low power laser to make the dental stem cells form dentin, the hard tissue that makes up a tooth.

Once the damaged area is exposed, according to Business Insider, dentists would have a laser do their work. It is much less invasive.

It is too soon in the testing to say whether or not this treatment will ever be available to the public, but the procedure has been successfully performed on mice and researchers hope that it will move to human trials quickly.

Many believe that it would be a great advancement in that field of medicine. They would no longer have to replace teeth, but regenerate them.

"We are also excited about expanding these observations to other regenerative applications with other types of stem cells," said Praveen Arany, the study's lead author.



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