Scoot McNairy joins cast of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

By Will Ashton,

Even though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already been production for at least a couple weeks, that hasn't stopped the producers from gathering another person to the cast. Actor Scoot McNairy is joining in an undisclosed role.

Deadline revealed the casting, though Warner Bros. has yet to make it official. Since McNairy is such a versatile actor, his casting could be for any kind of role, from a villain to a comedy relief-esque character to maybe even someone higher up in the superhero food chain.

McNairy is just another actor recently cast — or, at least, announced — as Jason Momoa was revealed to be playing Aquaman in the movie just 10 days ago.

Whatever the role may be, it would seem that co-star Ben Affleck probably had some kind of hand in getting in into the movie, as McNairy co-starred in Affleck's Best Picture Oscar winner Argo. In addition to this, however, the actor was also recently seen in last year's Best Picture winner as well, 12 Years a Slave, and also starred in this year's Non-Stop and The Rover. He was even in the Marvel short film All Hail the King.

In addition to those roles above, McNairy can currently be seen in the new AMC show Halt and Catch Fire. Though his work doesn't stop there, as he will also be seen later this year in Gone Girl and Black Sea.

Image courtesy of Katy Winn/INFphoto.com



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