Shailene Woodley has a fondness for fitness

By Rachel Karach,

The Fault in Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley is proud of her healthy yet slightly unconventional lifestyle.

However, she wasn’t always as fit as she is now. Woodley was required to do a lot of physical training in preparation for her film Divergent, a dystopian action flick that was released back in March.

According to a recent Women’s Health Magazine interview with her trainer for the film, J.J. Perry, Shailene had to work out for three hours a day! But it wasn’t long before the grounded actress began kicking butt and taking names, as "she had a long way to go to get there and she went there—and went a little further than the rest of them."

Shailene is no stranger to dealing with odd foods or beauty rituals in an effort to stay healthy. She actually spoke about eating clay on The Tonight Show with David Letterman.

The actress is happy with her body, choosing to worry about fitness rather than Hollywood’s obsession with teeny waistlines. "I'm really proud of my ability to be fit or stay fit and honor my body in that way,” she said. “When I feel fit and when I feel strong, I feel like I can empower and fight back."

You go, girl! Shailene is on the cover of this month’s Women’s Health Magazine, which hits stores on June 24.

image via Zelig Shaul/ACE/INFphoto.com



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