Shailene Woodley talks about her role in 'The Fault in Our Stars'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Shailene Woodley is starring in this weekend's The Fault in Our Stars and is speaking out about why she chose this role and that she was fan of the book before she was even chosen to star in the romantic drama.

CNN reported that even before Woodley was chosen to play Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars, she sent an email to the novel's author John Green explaining in detail why she thought this would make a powerful film.

On the red carpet premiere for The Fault in Our Stars, Woodley explained that in her email she didn't talk about herself wanting to be in the film. "I didn't say I needed to be Hazel. I said I needed this movie to get made. Because I knew that it would change the lives of millions of people," said Woodley.

Even though the novel was written for a younger audience, the novel ended up selling millions of copies and was on the top of New York Times best-seller list for 78 weeks.

Woodley was seen earlier on the big screen in her female empowering role in Divergent but she added that this role is helping to change what a female can look like starring in a big screen film adaptation. "In 'Fault,' I am trying to rewrite what a female lead can look like," Woodley said. "You've never seen a woman on the poster for a movie with a cannula in her nose."

The Fault in Our Stars was breaking pre-sale records and the film is on pace to beat out Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow, LA Times added.

image via Zelig Shaul/ACE/INFphoto.com



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